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6 Orchard Close


Newcastle upon Tyne

NE12 6YZ

Contact details:


Tel: 0191 406 3520

Mobile: 07843 493 955

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Getting in touch

If you have a problem or query I'll be happy to help.  


Please contact me for a free estimate:


Stove Repairs North East

Orchard Close

Killingworth Village

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE12 6YZ


Tel:        0191 406 3520


Mobile: 07843 493 955


Email:     [email protected]

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Not sure what type of stove you have?


I can help you to identify your stove. Just email me some photographs.


Email me a photograph of your stove and I can identify your stove for you.


Click here to email me



Not sure what you need to fix your stove?


Stoves are expensive items to replace. I'd rather help you to repair your stove than replace it!


As well as identifying your stove I can advise what you need to  get your stove working correctly again.


I provide the following services:


  • Stove servicing and maintenance

  • Flue and chimney sweeping

  • Firebricks replaced

  • Stove spare parts sourced and fitted

  • Stoves resprayed

  • Register plates sourced and fitted

  • Grate bars sourced and fitted





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CHIMNEY SWEEPS 2 stope tips from stove repairs north east - is your stove on - why not have a free cuppa - boil your kettle on your stove

Is your stove on - why not have a free cuppa?  Boil your kettle on your stove!


We often boil our kettle on our stove and we have saved loads of electricity over the years - but please do be careful when you take the kettle off the stove.


Stove Tip

Meet Monty! He loves our stove :)