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Using your multi-fuel / woodburning stove safely


We advise that you always use a pair of heat resistant gloves/gauntlets when refuelling your stove; these protect your arm as well as your hands.  Some stoves have heat resistant handles but many have metal handles that get extremely hot.    



Keeping your stove operating efficiently


Using a stove top or flue pipe thermometer can help to ensure you keep your stove working safely and efficently.  It is calibrated so that the pointer on the face indicates when your multi-fuel stove is operating within a safe temperature range and not burning too hot. We can supply and fit this to your flue pipe for you. Please ask us for details.  



Useful Stove Tips

Have your chimney swept regularly

To prevent chimney fires we recommend having your chimney swept at least once a year. 


Cleaning soot off your stove glass

A damp cloth or damp newspaper dipped in wood ash can be effective in removing a light dusting of soot off your glass.


To operate your stove safely and efficiently

  • Use heat resistant gloves whilst operating your hot stove.

  • Use a stove thermometer.

  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm (A UK Building Regulations requirement when new or replacement multifuel or woodburning stove is installed).


Our dog Monty loves his stove!


Operating your stove safely

Top tip We stock a range of stove gloves you can buy from Stove Repairs North East stove_top_international_big__42016.1346705855.1280.1280 If you're burning wood on your stove, make sure it's well seasoned. shutterstock_100422280

Protect your pets!


When our stove is on you'll always find Monty sat in front of it! So take care when your pets are around your hot stove particularly if the top is exposed and the door is open.

Short of kindling?

Why not use up your old empty toilet rolls and waste paper - roll them up - they make great kindling :)

Ecofan 812 nickel

Spread the warmth

A stove top fan can distribute the heat from your stove throughout your room. We found a big difference in our odd-shaped room.

How do you get the fire going in your stove?

Here's our very first video to show you how. It's not professionally produced, but hope it helps :)

Smokeless fuel - a good alternative to wood

Here's our 2nd video  in the 'Happy to Help!' series.  Still could be better produced, but hope you find it useful nonetheless.

Burn well seasoned wood

If you burn wood that's not seasoned or wood with a varnish or coating you'll find a tarry film will start to appear on your glass and it will be difficult to clean. The wood may also spit and spark or smoke. If you're burning unseasoned or coated wood you'll also need to be extra vigilant when it comes to getting your flue swept as deposits can form within your flue as well as on your stove glass and will be a fire hazard.